Manage your diabetes better.

Generate reports. Connect with doctor.



Sugrx is..............designed and developed for....

Gorgeous design

Designed for optimum usability with the patient and caregiver in mind

Timely Insight

Realtime visibility, proactive alerts and ability to quickly share reports


Out of the box reports designed to provide a snapshot into glucose levels and blood pressure


Designed for accessibility

  • Users can enter their health related data through a highly usable, mobile interface.
  • Answer the most common questions posed by physicians in a timely manner.
  • No advertising means no compromised data.
  • Brand and device agnostic
  • Easy transmission of data to designated users
  • Access to glucose friendly ecosystem
SUGRX - For Diabetics and Caregivers

Monitor glucose levels, blood pressure and associated food intake

  • Designed keeping diabetics and caregivers in mind
  • Proactive alerts and notifications
  • Near real-time visibility into patient health
  • Pre-designed, highly consumable reports tracking glucose
  • level and blood pressure
  • Track associated food intake